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Stefan Seeger Universität Zurich
Stefan Seeger Universität Zürich

Stefan Seeger studied chemistry at University of Heidelberg and the Technical University Berlin. In 1992, he earned his PhD degree. Further, he studied Business administration at University of Hagen/Germany and at London School of Business and Finance . In 1992 he established at University of Heidelberg a research group for biophysical chemistry. After working as postdoc at the University of Lund/Sweden, he returned in 1994 to University of Heidelberg to finish his habilitation in 1997. Later that year, he was appointed as a professor for Biosensors at University of Regensburg.

In 1999, an appointment at University of Zurich in Switzerland and got a chair for physical chemistry. In 2001, he got the position as the director of the Institute for Physical Chemistry. Stefan Seeger is a member of the German Society of Chemists, the Swiss Society of Chemists, the American Chemical Society, the Optical Society of America, a board member of the Paul-Karrer-foundation and vice president of the Scientific Research Foundation of the University of Zurich. Further he is member of the editorial boards of the "Journal of Business Chemistry" and "Advances in Physical Chemistry".

Stefan Seeger invented together with his research group the Supercritical Angle Fluorescence Microscopy-Method and Silicone-Nanofilaments, i.e. Nanostructured coatings, which show e.g. superhydrophobic and superoleophobic properties. Further he developed techniques for the manipulation of biological particles. Stefan Seeger published until today more than 100 scientific articles. In addition, he founded technology companies, e.g. Molecular Machines & Industries, Ltd., today the leading supplier of laseroptic and single cell handling systems for life science research, pathology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

In 2004 he founded a bachelor and master program Chemistry and business administration at University of Zurich, programs teaching high level chemistry and management skills in one program. This programs address professional profiles like general management, logistics, business development, key account manager, etc. in the chemical and related industries.






Stefan Seeger
Stefan Seeger